Kitchen Must Haves. Food Edition!

26 Nov

Every kitchen should have these food items, and have them fresh! You can’t cook without any of these in my opinion. I also include spices, because since you eat spices they are food in my humble opinion. Although I’m not sure if I would want to try on live on eating mint, or rosemary, or other spices. Now onto the list!

  • Onions, these are so useful, what do you cook that you can’t use onions in? Except for maybe a cake or cookies… I love purple onions as they are sweeter, for more delicate uses like stir-fry. White onions are nice for recipes where you don’t have the onion as such a main focus.
  • Peppers, green & jalapeno are must haves, chili peppers are also nice. I love red & yellow peppers as they can be sweeter than plain green ones, but again I run into the price issue.
  • Tomato, heirloom tomatoes are a must have easy to make a quick pasta sauce, toss in with eggs or serve with rice vinegar, salt, & pepper. Roma tomatoes are also one which I love.
  • Garlic, add spice & flavor. Get cloves, they are cheap and so much better than the dry spice. (Although I do love garlic salt on my steaks, post cooking.)
  • Scallions & chives, these are greatly useful to add quick flavor, etc.
  • Sea salt, pepper, white pepper, curry spices, and other dry spices as needed.
  • Butter, olive oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, needed for cooking obviously.
  • Rice vinegar, red wine, rice wine (light & dark), soy sauce, thai peanut sauce, chili garlic sauce, horseradish (the fresh kind), used for sauces of all kind, of course.
  • Meats, specifically chicken breast, pork loins, ground chuck steak, steak (cheap steaks are fine!), & bacon. Well I’m a heavy meat eater, bacon helps add flavor to just about everything.
  • Eggs, cheap & healthy, its like a super food dressed up in a pretty white shell, & super useful.

I have all kinds of different things too, that you will see in my recipes. I try and cook without needing to go buy a whole lot of new things. Well that’s it of what I have so far.

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